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Fellow Shooters, We are saddened to announce that North Tennessee Practical Shooters is temporarily suspending match operations in Dickson effective immediately.

In the short term we have some logistics issues related to memberships, the TN Sectional Match, and club property (targets, etc).:

• Dues: All membership fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis as a function of the date and amount you paid your annual dues.

• TN Section: We had planned to host the TN Sectional match this fall. That match will still happen, but not as planned in Dickson. Stay tuned for details on that as they develop. Details will come from Elizabeth Keen, our Section Coordinator. I can say with certainty that you will be refunded 100% of your match fee if you are unable to join us for the match. Please direct any questions about the Sectional match to Elizabeth at tn.uspsa@gmail.com

• Props: We will host a range cleanup day to collect our targets and clean the range this Saturday. Steel targets and other bulky items will be auctioned to club members. There will be reserve prices set as stop-losses. Anything we don’t sell we will store for our eventual return at our new location. The point of selling targets is not club liquidation but rather to avoid transport and to optimize our financial flexibility as we search for a new home.

Our mission remains to build the best shooters in middle Tennessee. We are already looking for a permanent home to host matches, allow practice, and encourage continued growth in competitive shooting. Stay tuned for more details – we will share news as soon as we have it. We hope to be back up and running again soon. Rest assured – this is not the end for NTPS. We will be back, stronger and better than ever.

We have many people to thank for our long run in Dickson. First and foremost is Mr. Wheeler, who generously allowed us access to his land for many years. Thank you, sir. We wish you the very best. Thank you to all the shooters who have joined us for matches large and small over the years. Finally, our matches would not have happened if not for the few volunteers who have given far more than their fair share of time and effort in support of NTPS. You know who you are, we are in your debt, and we will need you back when we return from this hiatus!

If at all possible, please plan to join us this Saturday, May 30th, at the range in Dickson, starting at 7:30 to clean the range, collect our targets and props, and maybe give the berms a final 21-gun salute.

If you have further questions please direct them to me, NTPS President, Peter Sturdivant at Peter@Sturdi.net.


Peter Sturdivant

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NTPS is a USPSA affiliated club located in Dickson, Tennessee. We conduct handgun matches at least one weekend per month.

You should be able to find just about any info you need about our club within this web site, so take a look around, and come join us in one of the country's most exciting and fastest growing sports.